A sad start to school in Tentaguazu

Monday February 28th, 2022

Actually, the month of February would have been a reason for joy. After a long period of preparation, we were able to start a new year of boarding school in a indigenous family in Tentaguazu, where 48 scholarship holders were already being cared for by 18 host mothers at the beginning of the school year. However, the return of the children to the classroom in the Guaraní communities in the Entre Ríos district was abruptly interrupted by heavy rains at the end of February, which led to destructive flooding and affected around 520 families in the communities of Ñaurenda, Timboy, Saladito, Mokomocal, Tomatirenda and Filadelfia. Several residents lost their lives or are considered missing; more than 100 people lost all their belongings; electricity and water supplies were severely damaged in the communities. Many families had to leave their homes and were evacuated to neighbouring communities. We supported the communities by donating food.

The boarding school in Tentaguazu was only indirectly affected by the floods. However, many of the 130 students attending the school in Tentaguazu could not attend classes in February because the school bus was not running due to road flooding.

Destroyed school “Unidad Educativa de Timboy”.




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