Construction work in the municipality of Tentaguazu and electrical installation in El Alto

Tuesday April 30th, 2019

Breaking down gender stereotypes and daring new things – in April we would like to report two special courses in our vocational training program for migrant women in El Alto: The construction boom in El Alto and La Paz is currently in great demand for qualified personnel in this field. Women are hardly represented in this professional field in Bolivia, many do not dare to work in such a “male domain”. The participants of our courses “installation of home electrical equipment” and “painting work” want to change this and want to prove: Even if it is sometimes difficult and many maths skills from the school time have to be refreshed, women are at least as competent in this area as their male colleagues. This experience fills the female participants with great pride and gives them a lot of self-confidence. In addition, there is great progress in the construction work in the municipality of Tentaguazu to report in April. After all the necessary building materials had been delivered in recent weeks, it could be started with the improvement work of residential and sanitary conditions in the homes of the host mothers. The host mothers and their families support the construction work with great dedication. Through the project, the guest mothers are reaffirming their appreciation of their work and the project takes on a new status throughout the community.



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