What does Yanacachi with its household budget

Tuesday July 31st, 2018

Bolivian Municipal Governments have their own budgets and political powers. Annual public assemblies are held, where the allocation of these budgets is voted on. We organized a workshop on this topic in Villa Aspiazu, so that representatives of civil society organizations, in Yanacachi, may have a better understanding on these assemblies. This workshop was held at  the request of a local organization and was based on an analysis on this topic. This work was entrusted by Fundación Pueblo to Fundación Jubileo. The interactive format helped 33 participants learn about all the important details concerning the development of the income of the Bolivian State and the distribution of the same and expenses of the Municipal Government. Participants especially valued, the orderly and intelligible elaboration of the workshop, many representatives were in a better position to judge the content of the vote on the municipal budget.



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