There are many ways to participate in the programs and projects of the Fundación Pueblo in Bolivia. To be informed (and to stay informed) is as important as donations and inviting others to donate.  To participate in the foundation as a volunteer or an intern is a unique and special experience.

Whoever wants to stay updated with our programs can subscribe to our monthly photo newsletter ''Chaski'' newsletter. For more information about individual projects, we are just as happy to write.

The non-profit association "Friends of Bolivia eV" supports the work of Fundación Pueblo in German-speaking countries. Donations are easy to make and tax deductable in Germany.

Fiestas familiares ó el jubileo de la empresa ó de la asociación son buenas ocasiones de motivar a amigos para donar. Aquí les facilitamos materiales de información.

Whether as a supporter in Europe or in Bolivia, as an intern or as Weltwärts volunteer, there are various ways to support the work of Fundación Pueblo.

Fundación Pueblo 2024, La Paz.
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