Yearly and monthly reports

As part of our annual, public assemblies in Yanacachi the staff of Fundación Pueblo report in detail on the full range of activities of the Foundation in the previous year.

“Photo-Chaski”  is a page of words and pictures produced once a month with the latest news of Fundación Pueblo.   The “Photo-Chaski” is published in German and Spanish. You can easily subscribe to it for free  by e-mail. The latest issues can be found here under News.

The Chaskis – Our annual reports

For our friends and supporters in German speaking countries who are unable to attend the General Assemblies in Bolivia, we produce each year  a detailed annual report that we are happy to send out to interested parties upon request by mail or email. The published annual reports since 2000, named after the Inca messengers “El Chaski”, can be downloaded here:

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