Indigenous Children and Women in the Country

Children and indigenous women are particularly disadvantaged groups in rural areas of Bolivia that deserve particular support. The  Fundación Pueblo opens doors to basic and vocational education and creates new, socially respected job opportunities.

The vicious circle of poverty in the country

Today children and indigenous women in rural areas of Bolivia remain excluded to the many social achievements and economic progress of the country. As particularly disadvantaged groups, they are the focus of the programs and projects of the Fundación Pueblo.

Lack of basic education and lack of income opportunities perpetuate the vicious circle of poverty in the country. Our programs and projects are making specific contributions to break this vicious circle. With the “Weekly Boarding in Indigenous Families” children from remote farming communities get the opportunity to complete a full course of primary education. Women from the countryside who find a job as a host mother care for them and at the same time help themselves as new actors for social development in their own village.

Migration to cities

Our training programs are designed specifically to girls and young women from the countryside where the door is locked to a solid technical training. Instead of migrating to the city only to struggle to survive on a poor daily wage or worse to end up in the urban slums, the girls or young women have the opportunity to qualify in a vocational training and find a qualified job or even to open their own small business. The “House of the Future” in El Alto also offers the girls and young women opportunities to strengthen their self-confidence and acquire practical knowledge of life.

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