The programs and projects of the Fundación Pueblo contribute to the realisation of human rights at the municipal level.  Children and Indigenous women are at its center. Our development goals are based on the International Community goals (MDGs SDGs). International solidarity helps with implementation.

Our sustainability strategy corresponds to the idea ‘doing good well’.  Fundación Pueblo’s “Weekly Boarding in Indigenous Families” is an example of offering new social services at the municipal level in a sustainable way.  Contributions to economic development result from providing employment to Indigenous women and school access to children from remote rural communities.

Dem Kampf gegen Diskriminierung und Armut, für Menschenwürde und Chancengleichheit hat sich Fundación Pueblo vor allem in den Bereichen Bildung, Arbeit und Staatsbürgerschaft verschrieben. Wir leisten konkrete Beiträge zur Verwirklichung der Menschenrechte auf lokaler Ebene.

Particularly disadvantaged groups children and indigenous women deserve special promotion in rural areas of Bolivia. Fundación Pueblo opens their doors to basic and vocational education and creates new, socially respected job opportunities.

With the innovative “Weekly Boarding in Indigenous Families" program, the Fundación Pueblo has shown that social services in the country can become an important economic factor at the community level, as well as helping on an individual level.

(Español) Como institución independiente respecto a la política y la confesión, la Fundación Pueblo se compromete a los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio (ODM) y a los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) en acuerdo con la comunidad internacional.

"Good to do well" means that our programs endure beyond our initial funding. This commitment to the sustainability of our projects is perfectly illustrated in our “Weekly Boarding in Indigenous Families" program.

Fundación Pueblo promotes solidarity between people and nations across continents and this remains one of its essential elements.

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