Human Rights

The Fundación Pueblo is dedicated to promoting human dignity and equal opportunities and fighting against discrimination and poverty, by working mainly through the fields of education, work and citizenship.  We are making concrete contributions to the realisation of human rights at the local level.

Human Rights in our founding statutes

The realisation of human rights is an objective written into the founding statutes of Fundación Pueblo: “so that people can live a dignified life in accordance with their social environment and nature, regardless of their social, cultural, ethnic origin, gender, beliefs or their political views. “

Education, work and citizenship at the centre

The Foundation participates in the fight against discrimination and poverty, for human dignity and equality of opportunity, especially in the areas of education, work and citizenship. A primary concern for us is the fight against the causes of child labor. Through our innovative programs and projects that link the opening of the school access for all with the creation of decent jobs for the most disadvantaged groups, the Foundation makes concrete contributions to the attainment of fundamental human rights.  A girl from the countryside who benefits from each additional school year, increases the chances of a decent life for a person in a family and community. Each new employment of an indigenous host mother brings the woman self-confidence and a real advancement in the opportunities for participation in their families and communities.

Promote and use democracy

We understand democracy both as a human right in itself but also as a powerful instrument in the fight against discrimination and poverty. With our citizenship programs, we support civil society at the local level in order to push for an effective attainment of their participation rights. Knowledge of legal empowerment and public funds that will be made available to our projects is power in the hands of local grassroots organisations who want to make their communities a dignified home.

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