Even in times of crisis: solidarity between continents

Friday July 31st, 2020

Bolivia now officially has 83,361 people infected with the coronavirus (as of August 4, 2020). The black number of cases is likely to be much higher. An improvement in the situation is not in sight. Exit restrictions still apply and schools are closed. In addition to the economic consequences, this mainly affects children who have not been to school since mid-March. Throughout Bolivia, but especially in rural regions, virtual classes are barely possible due to the lack of Internet connection and / or corresponding devices; This also applies to our Student Family Accommodation in Tentaguazu.

Markdorf Education Center Donation Poster.

However, our work has not stopped. In July, we supported the students by distributing reusable masks and mobilizing two teachers who drove from town to town to provide the children with learning materials. Our Student Accommodation in Tentagua-zu currently also receives active and solidarity support from Germany, from the educational center in Markdorf. The school has been supporting our work for many years and has launched a new fundraising campaign due to the coronavirus pandemic.



Fundación Pueblo 2021, La Paz.
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