Impact of mining in the municipality of Yanacachi

Thursday August 31st, 2023

In mid-August, we assisted the Boundaries, Land and Territory Commission of the Yanacachi Municipal Council in organizing the event “Mining Concessions in Yanacachi County and the Threat to the Environment.” At the beginning of the event, participants shared their observations: For example, the earth movements and the detour of the river caused by mining threaten roads and houses. In addition, the mining pollutes the Unduavi River, which also serves as a source of drinking water. Afterwards, Cecilia Requena, member of the Environmental Commission of the Bolivian Senate, and Dr. Esteban Sanjines, specialist lawyer for protected areas of Fundación Tierra, informed about the legal situation. Representatives of the different agrarian associations of Yanacachi explained that solutions have to be found with the involvement of all stakeholders in order to limit the environmental damage.



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