The fight for education in times of the corona virus pandemic in Bolivia

Wednesday September 30th, 2020

While the children in Germany were allowed to return to school to study after the summer holidays, the children and young people in Bolivia have been at home since mid-March. In rural areas in particular, such as in our boarding house in Tentaguazu, online lessons are almost impossible due to the lack of an internet connection. Since this month, the students in Tentaguazu have received support in learning. Two teachers, one for primary and one for secondary school, visit the children at home or in small study groups in the classrooms and explain the school material. A great help for the children, which they receive with joy and eager to learn. We finance the remedial lessons from project funds and provide the pupils and the two teachers with mouth and nose covers, soap and disinfectants.

The course leader Irene of the City Garden course with one of the harvested heads of lettuce.

Another hot topic in Bolivia during the pandemic, but also in times of political conflict, is healthy eating and food security. This is currently the focus of the women’s advancement project in El Alto. In the first course “City Garden”, which began this month, the participants can learn how to build one, plant sustainable healthy vegetables in it and thus produce important food independently.



Fundación Pueblo 2021, La Paz.
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