Village Clean-up to start school

Saturday March 2nd, 2024

The summer vacation in Bolivia lasts from December to January. So what better month for a village clean-up than February, at the start of the new school year. The students in the communities where we run our boarding school thought so too. Practicing environmental education hands-on! The Chaco region of Bolivia is home to our boarding school run by indigenous families in Tentaguazu. We began introducing waste separation here last year. The project has set up special containers to collect used plastic bottles. Our employees drive to the village to collect the plastic and take it to a recycling company in the next town. The money paid by the recycler is transferred to the students’ account – a further incentive to keep the environment in the village clean.

Reciclando botellas plásticas.



Fundación Pueblo 2024, La Paz.
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