Ecological and healthy kitchens for the host families in Tentaguazu

Saturday May 29th, 2021

The host families of the boarding school in indigenous families in Tentaguazu are currently pursuing an exciting project. In order to further improve the accommodation conditions for the scholarship holders and to show the families appreciation for their service to the community, the families’ cooking facilities are to be expanded this year and made more energy-efficient and healthier.

After a joint meeting of all those involved to take stock and plan the project, construction began in March. In the meantime, the 33 families who benefit directly from the project already have the shell of the building with plastered interior and exterior walls.

For the construction of the kitchens, largely local materials, such as Andobe bricks, are used, which the families purchase themselves. Materials that cannot be purchased locally are provided to the families by us. In addition, the families participate in the construction of the kitchens. They are accompanied and supported by a construction site manager and a construction technician. The Entre Ríos district also supports the project, among other things by transporting the building materials.

Construction progress check on a family.



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