Survey on media use in Yanacachi

Friday March 31st, 2023

Social media, such as TikTok and Instragram, are also highly popular among young people in our home municipality of Yanacachi. But how does this development affect rural radio stations, which have been providing people in remote regions of Bolivia with independent information for decades and play an important role in upholding the right to freedom of expression? We explored this question in March with the help of a survey on media use. We surveyed students from four of the five secondary schools in the municipality, as well as residents of Yanacachi, Ladera, Chaguara and Puente Villa. The survey marks the start of the new project of our “Acceso Público” program, which aims to sensitize young people in Yanacachi municipality to the opportunities and risks of digital media and to strengthen their participation in shaping rural radio coverage.



Fundación Pueblo 2024, La Paz.
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