Completion of psychological counseling for the women in El Alto

Saturday December 31st, 2022

We were able to close the year 2022 together at Fundación Pueblo with gratifying results: Over the year, 245 women from El Alto received intensive professional psychological and legal counseling. Most of the women had experienced violence or were acutely threatened by it. The counseling was intended to enable them to develop strategies for dealing with their experiences and/or to enable them to independently represent their interests before family court authorities. By the end of the year, the last 67 ongoing consultations were completed, and the women were referred to competent civil society and community organizations if necessary. Even though some of the women have not yet completed the process of coming to terms with their experiences, we hope that the completed counseling sessions will contribute to a positive start to the new year for the women.



Fundación Pueblo 2023, La Paz.
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