On the way to free elections in Bolivia and evaluation of Weekly Boarding School in Indigenous Families projects

Saturday November 30th, 2019

November was a socially and politically conflicting month in Bolivia. Gradually, the situation calms down again. We hope for a peaceful continuation of the begun conflict settlement and the holding of free elections in the next months.

Despite the severity of the dispute, we continued our project activities as well as possible in the past few weeks. In the department of Tarija, the situation was less conflicting than in the city of El Alto, where we had to temporarily stop our work. In Copacabana and Tentaguazu participatory evaluations of the Weekly Boarding School in Indigenous Families projects took place in November. These are an important component in all projects of the village foundation and are intended to serve the continuous improvement of our work. All project participants were invited to evaluate different aspects of the project implementation and to suggest improvements.

Before the evaluation, our project coordinator presented the entire project implementation to the host families in Tentaguazu and was available for questions.



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