Overwhelming demand for new vocational training program for women

Sunday July 31st, 2016

We met an overwhelming demand this months, when our “House of the Future” reopened for its 2016 vocational training program: During the first days already, more than a hundred women registered for the courses aiming at working women and those looking to open a micro-enterprise. 8 of the 12 courses programmed this year are already up and running:  Tailoring winter garments, manicure, chocolate making and gifts for children’s birthdays, hand-weaving. For already established hairdressers, there is even a specialized training on new haircuts and dyes.

The women, mostly from a rural background, see the courses as a way to improve their families’ living conditions and at the same time empower their role in the family and wider community. To that end, all vocational training includes classes to promote self-esteem, inform about women’s rights and prevention of violence.


This is the first year we cooperate closely with the Women’s department of the Municipal Government of El Alto, in both preparing and conducting the training program. On the basis of a cooperation agreement signed with the local authorities, a co-worker of the Department supports the program full-time since July.

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