A Driving course for women and our General Assembly

Tuesday October 31st, 2017

In October, the Promoting Women’s project, began again, with a special course: Driving Vehicles – Buses and Minibuses. Now as in the past, this is the main means of transportation for most Bolivians. For many families, from poor neighborhoods of El Alto and La Paz, this sector offers a work alternative to the few existing jobs in the formal sector. Although many times family’s income depends on this job, many women because of their lack of driver’s license cannot access, a vehicle, to help contribute with the family’s income.

Mid-October we organized regular theoretical and practical classes for 17 women to obtain their driver’s license. The participants with great enthusiasm are enjoying their new work field. At the end of the month, an event that we always look forward to was held: The Foundation Annual General Assembly in Yanacachi. The event is for the entire community, as well as for our cooperating partners and allies. We present the results of the different projects carried out last year. The assembly concluded with a traditional dinner.

Alongside the practical classes, women had the possibility to practice on a driving simulator.



Fundación Pueblo 2023, La Paz.
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