A successful interchange among hosts of different cultures

Saturday November 28th, 2015

On November 12 we organized a trip for hosts and local coordinators of Norte de Potosi Student Family Lodging to San Luis (Tarija) to exchange their experiences between their student lodgings.

SAM_6631 (3) Hosts took the opportunity to discuss on how their student family lodging  is working out for each community. Norte de Potosi hosts shared their  experiences, problems and solutions they have encountered with their  scholar students during these past years. The exchanging was not only  about regions but also cultural. Norte de Potosi hosts dressed in their traditional costumes and presented some typical songs and dances. The San Luis de Palqui hosts cooked a traditional Tarija lunch.

San Luis de Palqui’s Director and scholar students also accompanied this interchange event to learn how Norte de Potosi’s Family Student Lodging works. The exchange was really a huge success. Host of both communities had fun and chatted, we are sure that this special exchange between the two different communities will be cherished.

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