Highlights of the Annual Assembly 2019 in the Yungas

Monday September 30th, 2019

An important instrument of transparency and participation of  Village Foundation is the Annual General Assembly which we hold each year in our municipality of origin, Yanacachi, and to which we invite all the inhabitants of the region. From Tarija, our coordinator, David invited the Local Coordinator of the Weekly Boarding School in Indigenous Families and the Representative of the Entre Ríos Education Unit; where since this year we are working with the Guaraní community of Tentaguazu. From El Alto, the volunteers who support Esther in the Migrant Women project accompanied Esther.

Among the highlights of the meeting was a report from the winners of last year’s youth research contest, Jesus and Joselin, which was held in Yanacachi on the ecology and public investment of the municipality. The signing of a Cooperation Agreement with the Federation of Peasant Women “Bartolina Sisa” of Yanacachi; this sets the stage for technical training events for women in the municipality.

Every two years, in the Annual General Assembly, the Representative of the third Municipal Section of the Sud Yungas Province is elected in the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Don Reynaldo held this honorary position several steps, but this year Doña Antonia won most of the votes. She was sworn in at the event by her predecessor and she will ensure that the Foundation continues its activities in its place of birth in the next two years.



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