New Opportunities in the “House of the Future” and Festivities in Yanacachi

Wednesday May 30th, 2018

In our community of origin, Yanacachi, you could not think of work this month. Everyone was busy with the preparation and the patronal feast in honor of “Señor del Pichu”. After mass, held at the “Santa Barbara” Parish, a long procession took a walk around the town, accompanied by folk dance groups and curious people.

These past months several areas of our Future House in El Alto were remodeled. Our training classrooms are larger, which is now available for more then 230 Migrant Women participants this semester; for example our weaving course has is a bigger operational space. In cooperation with the Mayor’s Office, El Alto more sewing machines were added, this helps improve the quality of the courses. It also creates more opportunities for our participants to apply what is learned and have more time to work on garments.

Course participants appling techniques recently learned.



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