Copacabana’s Student Lodging Two Years Retrospection

Thursday November 30th, 2017

While for children in Germany the school year has just started, our scholars in Copacabana are looking forward to their summer vacation. At the end of the school year, November, we organized our annual participatory evaluation project. Scholars, host mothers, parents, teachers and Yunchará Municipality Authorities together we look at the successes of this past year and the challenges of the upcoming year. After 2 years, all the participants in the Student Lodging in Copacabana, support the project and express their desired for its continuation. A huge success of our work! and this important condition will help us reach our goal, handover the Student’s lodging little by little to the Mayor’s Office. The demand for scholarships continue to increase; for next year there is a need for at least 50 children from remote communities. There was a controversial discussion about the equipment on the schools missing elements and the financial security for the Student Lodging considering the poor fiscal situation of the Municipalities in Bolivia

The evaluation was held in the schools’ yard, where the scholars began the event with a comic scene.




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