School starts in Tentaguazu and Copacabana

Friday March 26th, 2021

The risk of infection due to the Covid-19 pandemic has not been eliminated. Nevertheless, the students in Tentaguazu and Copacabana were able to return to the classroom at the beginning of the new school year. Since March 2020, face-to-face teaching had been suspended. During this time, Fundación Pueblo supported the distance learning, which took place in the form of independent workbooks, with pedagogical learning tutors. They visited the students in Tentaguazu once a week in their homes and helped them with the assignments.

With the beginning of the new school year, the two Boarding School in Indigenous Families of Fundación Pueblo in the twp communities also resumed their operations. In Copacabana, 114 pupils are enrolled in school; 10 of them are primary school children in the boarding school. In Tentaguazu there are about 160 pupils, 76 of whom attend the boarding school. Some of them only use the boarding school temporarily, because the school transport of the municipality has not been resumed yet. We also support the school start with mouth-nose masks and disinfectants.

Part of the homework support for the scholarship holders in Copacabana is also a daily afternoon snack.



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