What happens with the garbage in Yanacachi?

Thursday May 30th, 2019

Where does our garbage go? How is it discarded? Who is responsible? Urgent questions that arise again and again in the Municipality of Yanacachi. In the main communities and its surroundings you can see many unofficial garbage containers. The increasing consumption of products in plastic packaging has aggravated the problem in recent years.

That is why our program „Public Access“ has decided to work on this topic during the next months. At the beginning of May we proceeded to invite the students of the fifth and sixth grade of four secondary schools in the district to participate in the contest “Knowing My Municipality”. Its aim is to provide information through research on how to solve the problem of the garbage in Yanacachi. The four best works will be awarded. The objective is to sensitize young people about the problem of garbage and its impact on the environment. Together with Fundación Tierra, we also want to offer the students the opportunity to attend a workshop on “Scientific Research Methods” next month in support of their work.



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