Abundance Day

Sunday January 24th, 2016

Every 24th of January we celebrate in the Bolivia -still- the poorest country in South America, The Abundance Day. The “Ekkeko is celebrated on streets and squares, you will find everything you desire to have during the year in miniature. The most popular shopped are houses, cars and bills from the most important currencies. For 15 cents, you can buy a Bachelor degree or an imposing hen or cock for three dollars that ensures an adequate partner.

To assure an adequate flow of donations and combat the falling value of the Euro, this year we have acquired the correspondent. A basket with different currencies have been blessed, according to the uses and Andean customs with  “Yatiris” who was present at the event.

Foto2-AlacitasParaFundacion2016 (2)

For those who did not have the opportunity to be present on the 24th, and would like to help finance the Foundation’s projects, our Webmaster has placed an “electronic button” for donationson our webpage www.fundacionpueblo.org, renovated last year. Even though the button doesn’t take you directly to the Ekkeko, it takes you to our new account “PayPal” for donations that our German friends have established. You must give the Ekkeko a hand, don’t you?




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