Vegetables in Tentaguazu: A great success

Thursday December 31st, 2020

Back in October, we reported on the start of the construction of the vegetable gardens in the Guaraní community of Tentaguazu. Traditionally, the Guaraní in the department of Tarija live from fishing. Vegetables and fruit are expensive to buy in the nearest town. The high price for the Guaraní is not the only problem. In good conditions, it takes 3-4 hours to get to the city, and in the rainy season the unpaved road is sometimes impassable for weeks at a time. During the months of curfew, the problem of food access became even more apparent.

In December, the first successes of the gardening work became apparent, which the women and girls proudly presented. We are happy about the enthusiasm with which the women are planting the gardens and would like to start a new project next year to install a drip irrigation system based on this pilot project.



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