Great celebrations in Tentaguazu and Yanacachi

Thursday September 30th, 2021

In September, we had two reasons to celebrate. In Tentaguazu, after months of work, the new kitchens of the host families of the boarding school in indgenous families were inaugurated. Together with the district administration of Entre Ríos, we had provided the host families with the necessary materials. Under the guidance of an architect and a technician, the families were then able to build the kitchens, which are more energy-efficient and healthier than the previous ones.

In addition, the annual meeting of the foundation took place this month in Yanacachi, where we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Fundación Pueblo and reported on the activities of the projects in the past year.

Joint inauguration and tour of the new kitchens in Tentaguazu.



Fundación Pueblo 2022, La Paz.
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