Vocational training during the pandemic: start of the online semester for migrant women in El Alto

Monday August 31st, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic still has a firm grip on Bolivia. However, we do not want to postpone our support for migrant women in El Alto. In recent months we have converted our offer of Vocadional Training courses to a virtual format and have expanded it. In August, the second semester of the program for the Promotion of Migrant Women in El Alto began, which will be carried out, for the first time, mostly online. 263 women enrolled in the seven courses on marketing, pattern making and tailoring, driving, painting, micro-gardens, customer service and food.

Together with the teachers, we organize enrollment and courses through our recently expanded virtual platform. It serves as a virtual classroom where teachers can upload videos, links, as well as pdf, word and excel documents to which the participants later have access. With the new learning platform and other virtual media such as YouTube, Facebook and Zoom, teachers offer their courses virtually.

A Synchronous Digital Course Lesson.

Digital advertising brochure for Vocational Training courses in the Second Semester of 2020.



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